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Improve Alexa Rank of your Blog/Website by using simple tips

Many of us had seen that there are many websites and blog who received huge amount of traffic but having poor Alexa rank. What is the reason behind the scene? How we can improve Alexa rank of our blog and website? This post is all about improving and increasing your Alexa rank. Let's see how:

I had started this blog in January. After few days of starting this blog, I had start receiving little traffic on my blog. After receiving the traffic, I had heard about Alexa rank. I had made a try and checked out mine. My Alexa rank was 12,523,125. I was shocked that although I am not receiving very good traffic but, my Alexa rank was not justifying the traffic of my blog. 

Then I start finding the reason behind this bug. I learned a lot and lot about Alexa, their ranking, how to improve it and many more....

Then I find the solution. Today my Alexa rank is 3,049,223. This is not so good but it now justifies the traffic of my blog. Today I am going to share the tips that I find useful in improving my Alexa rank in past 3 months.

How to increase Alexa Rank of you blog/Website

As Alexa rank is very useful in getting the fame for you blog. Even the advertisers  checks your Alexa rank before putting ads on your blog. So here are the tips:

1. Install Alexa Toolbar

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to install Alexa toolbar in your browser. This will made an erotic effect over your ranking.

To download Alexa toolbar Click here  .

2. Put Alexa Widget on you Blog

As Alexa doesn't bother with the traffic you are receiving. It only counts the person's who either having the widget in blog or toolbar installed in the browser. Although Alexa toolbar made more effect, but widget also contain prior importance.

3. Claim you website

You should claim the ownership of you blog or website in Alexa. It will help in increasing your rank.

4. Build Backlinks

The path of Backlinks is so useful in improving Alexa rank and also increase you Google rank. So always comment on the blogs/website having higher Alexa rank and try to build some relationships with them.

5. Ask visitors to write review

The last tip to improve the Alexa rank is to ask your permanent visitors to visit the and write review for your website so that you website stands higher in the queue.

These are some of the tips to improve Alexa rank that I personally had used and seen benefits in short terms. I hope that you will also able to improve you Alexa rank with these tips.

For any queries and suggestions comment below.....


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